Thursday, May 6, 2010

The situation with daycare

So, Collin's first daycare bit the dust this week! Many issues arose, but the last one pushed us over the edge. I never felt like they spent enough time with him, like they just "watched" him instead of developing him. He's there 8 to 9 hours a day, they need to do something with him other than just feed & change him and put him to sleep. The main woman in the nursery doesn't speak english, the one word she knows is "good" and she responds to everything with "good"! Everytime I went in there they had a pacifier in his mouth that wasn't his, I talked to them about it several times and got nowhere (probably b/c she doesn't speak English).
The first week they were filling out a sheet with all the feedings, diaper changes, and sleeping. From the sheet I could see that they were letting him sleep all day so I asked them to keep him up a little more while he was there, so they stopped filling out the sleeping portion of the sheet. So Monday Dan went in and asked them to start keeping track of it again like we were promised when we enrolled. She argued with him and told him that they were doing it, basically called him a liar. So I go to pick him up that night and sure enough, no sleep on the sheet. So I found several other sheets just like it in my car and the next morning Dan took them all in (including the one from the previous day). He told her again to fill out the sleeping part of the sheet or it would be a problem. I go in that afternoon to pick him up, they didn't fill out a sheet at all. Like didn't even put his name on one! It was so petty and spiteful that it made me scared for him. If they can do something like that to us just because we asked them to do what they promised us what are they willing to do to my son when I'm not there? It went from feeling like he was being ignored to feeling like he was in danger. I went straight from there to another daycare that my friend knows the director well and signed him up! He started there the very next morning.
So the next day Dan went to the old daycare to get all of Collin's stuff, they still didn't know that we had switched. Dan went in and told the owner that he had been dealing with the whole time that we needed his stuff and told her why. She acted dumbfounded, really? You thought I'd just sit around and wait for you to hurt my son out of some petty revenge over a sheet? She then tried to tell him that they had just ran out of paper for the printer that day, funny because they other kids all had sheets, just not Collin. Then she tried telling him that she was keeping track of it on something else, yet she couldn't find it anywhere.
So far I really enjoy the new daycare and I think Collin does too. He seemed very content when I picked him up yesterday after his first day there. And they just seem more organized and open with information. They were sure to tell me that I could come in at any time and check on him, made me feel like they have nothing to hide. And my friend has been taking her little girl there for quite a while now and loves it so that makes me feel good also. As soon as I had him enrolled there I took a huge sigh of relief! NO ONE MESSES WITH MY BABY!!

Collin also attended his very first golf tournament Saturday! Him and his daddy wore almost matching golf outfits. Unfortunately it was cool and very windy so we didn't stay long. We were supposed to take him to his first baseball game this weekend but again it's going to be cold and windy so we aren't going.

And next week his grandma Maggie comes to see him! She's going to be amazed at everything that he does now, she hasn't seen him since he was less than a week old!

Oh, and Miss Britt, I figured out pictures!!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

A day of firsts

This morning Collin had his very first soundful laugh! He started smiling and all the sudden a sound came out! I think it surprised us both because he just stopped and looked at me like "was this a good thing?" Then he did it again! He hasn't done it since that I know of though. But he did that with his first smiles too, it took him a while to replicate his new talent!

The rest of the morning did not go as well. He was fussy most of the morning, then we went to the doctor for his first shots! Technically he had one in the hospital but I wasn't there and I didn't see and I didn't hear it so it don't count! I laid him on the table and held his arms and kissed his head as the nurse gave him three shots in his legs. He screamed horribly while he was getting the shots, but as soon as they were done he just stopped and kinda gave her a nasty look. Then he was over it. Such a sweet boy! They also had to give him a liquid vaccine orally. The nurse said most of the babies cry and spit and sputter, but not my little Collin! He sucked it right down and smacked his lips for more!

I had to work late last night and I'm missing him so much, 4 more minutes and I can go home to see my baby! I love him more than anything!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Collin's very first blog

I wanted to start a blog to keep all the out of town friends and family in the loop on little Collin's life. We know it's hard to be so far away and this seems like a good way to stay in touch.

We have been sleeping! Collin slept from 10:30 until 5 Monday and Tuesday and until 4 Wednesday! And I mean STRAIGHT THROUGH!! We're so proud of him. Dan and I have been taking turns with the first shift. That way one of us gets at least 5 hours of sleep and if Collin only wakes up once one of us gets a full night of sleep and the other gets a nice chunk.

And Collin's almost laughing now! He has all the mouth motions down but when he goes to make the sound only grunts and coos come out. It's so cute! He loves it when his daddy tickles him. And when he first sees you after being at work all day or what not his face just lights up and he lets out a huge grin.

We get his first vaccinations tomorrow :-( I'm freaking out about it. Someone's going to hurt my poor little baby! I hope he does okay and they don't make him sick because I have to work until 9pm tomorrow after his shots, so Dan will be here by himself all evening. Hopefully he doesn't give him too hard of a time.